Restaurant Le Colombier

Restaurant le Colombier

The Capitouls' stables in the 18th century, then a stage post during the 1789 revolution, the place became a restaurant in 1873.

Taken up by the mid-20th century by Mr Colombier at the sign of "Bourgeois boarding-house, the true Castelnaudary cassoulet", the house becomes the reference as regards cassoulet.

In 1975 Gérard Zasso buys up the already famous restaurant and names it "Le colombier" in honour of his predecessor, and makes it a major address. In 2007 Alain and Françoise Lacoste took up the torch of this fine house.
Since then they have developed a personal conception of traditional restaurant food.

La salle du restaurant

Besides the inevitable cassoulet with goose confit, you will find there gastronomic cooking, traditional or regional dishes, but also pub food and even family cooking.

Le Colombier claims to be the opposite of the "trendy", away from ephemeral fashions; here one comes to please oneself.

Leaning on a good training, a long career path, unexceptionable products, Alain Lacoste will also offer you more personal, daring cooking, and lead you to discover other gastronomic vistas.

To-day Le Colombier welcomes amateurs of traditional cookery as well as guest curious of discoveries and new sensations. Parties are also welcome for all kind of entertainments.

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14 rue Bayard - 31000 Toulouse
tél. 05 61 62 40 05
Closed on Monday noon, Saturday noon
and Sunday all day
Evening open from 19h15 to 22h